GIVE MUSIC technically started when I began composing and performing songs for my family as gifts for weddings & birthdays. With each song written on a personal level, the present became a lot more meaningful and rewarding. It made sense to me, then, to put some of my talent to good use and reach out to others who appreciate heartfelt gifts as much as I do.


My goal is to create a song for each individual that is exclusive to them, and only them. I will work with each client on a one-to-one basis to develop a song that no one has ever heard before. I will cater the style, mood, lyrics, and sentiment to the character of the person to whom you plan to present this to. Each song will be timeless and unique – which makes it the most personal and thoughtful gift you could ever give.

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Amelia Robinson

Embarking on her music career at the age of three, Amelia has continued to study piano and voice for over 20 years. As a young Brooklyn native, she began her training with the Suzuki piano method.

She soon became a core vocalist with the Brooklyn Children’s Ensemble, performing at Carnegie Hall with Marvin Hamlisch and at St. John The Divine.

While earning her BS in Biological Anthropology at
Binghamton University, Amelia was elected as the musical director of a renowned vocal group, the Harpur Harpeggios where she began arranging songs and developing original compositions. Internships at V2 Records (Moby, White Stripes) and Imbedded Artists Management (Pete Francis of Dispatch) motivated Amelia to get involved in the music business. Upon graduation, she was hired as assistant studio manager at Dubway Studios, a high profile audio production facility in New York City. Joining a team of amazingly talented musicians and engineers, Amelia learned how to capture the magic of live sound through audio recording.

Amelia now works with a group of New York's finest musicians to produce high quality recordings for Give Music.

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