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"Love at First Sight"

A beautiful Gershwin-esque serenade, this song follow a couple's road to marriage filled with love. It was performed live on their wedding day along with the bride's father and brothers (the three "tenors) joining in on the chorus!

"Home for the Holidays"

Just in time for the holidays, this song brings happy cheer into your home. Whatever holiday you may be celebrating, I hope it's a happy one.

Tim Bolot :: "The Bolots and their 50 toes "

This song was created for the Bolot family in London, UK. Each kid/parent gets their own distinct sounding verse! If another one comes along we'll have to write another song!

Tanya Weisleder :: "Mom, It's time to Have Fun"

Sung to the melody of Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" this song was a tribute to Tanya's mother at her 60th Birthday, performed live by Tanya and her three siblings as a re-enactment of their Disney Land music video from 22 years ago! It was even better this time around!

Lona Kaplan & Jason Werner :: "The Blues Processional "

This was an amazing project to work on. Inspired by JazzFest 2007, I wrote a blues song as the processional for Jason & Lona's wedding. I was also given the opportunity to play it live in front of all their guests. It was so much fun and I pushed my vocals to the next level. By far, one of my best recordings ever. The piano you hear is the same one that I played growing up - it had a rich vintage sound that really pulled the whole thing together.

Lynda Fritschi :: "Paul’s Song"

"Paul’s Song" was composed as a gift for a very lucky fiance by his loving wife-to-be, Lynda. Played at their wedding, this song received a tremendous response from all the guests.

Diana Robinson :: "Miri’s Song"

"Miri’s Song" was composed as a gift from loving family members for the newest addition to the Stubbs-Goulston family in Sydney, Australia. A beautiful baby’s lullabye, this song has been known to get stuck on the repeat button - played to mum’s heart’s content (and dad’s lament!).

Marc Otterback :: "Away"

Marc is a Virginia based musician also known through his project, Under Nashua. After suffering the loss of his grandmother, Marc contacted Amelia at Give Music in hopes to bring life into the lyrics he wrote after her passing.

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The following are early works that inspired the creation of Give Music

"To James & Tali

I wrote this song for my brother, James and his wife, Tali, for their wedding in June, 2005. As a surprise, I performed it live in front of them and their guests. The incredibly warm response from the crowd inspired me to write music for others as a profession.


"Under the Gumtree"

In 2005, My mother’s mum, Granny, passed away in Sydney, Australia. Since I couldn’t be down there with the rest of my family, I gave everyone a song to celebrate and remember her life by. I wanted to re-create my most precious and peaceful times with Granny - sitting in the backyard eating lunch under the gumtree and basking in the warm Australian sun.


"Dad’s 60th"

My father turned the big 60 in 2006 and I wanted to do something really special for him. We all threw a huge surprise party and played him this recording in the middle of it. He loved the song and immediately requested copies for all of the family down in New Zealand.


"A Birthday Song"

This was one of my earlier pieces that I wrote for my friend, Keith’s, birthday in January, 2006. Keith and I worked together at Dubway Studios and he is now a featured recording engineer/bass player/producer for Give Music. You should hear the song he wrote for MY birthday!


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